Blindfold The Night of the Hunt

 The play is from the theatre of the absurd and an endeavour to oppose the arrogance, the audacity, the devaluation of human nature and the deprivation of all hope that is eminent in a fast-approaching reality, where society will be clearly delineated into two categories of the human species, the majority of those that willingly accept their obligations as a prerequisite for a harmonious life and a minority of anti-conformists who can only survive in a complete state of powerlessness, only with the consent of the majority, incarcerated and under strict control. 

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….the battle to conquer all that is “different”

and to combat prejudice within ourselves…

 THE.AM.A (Theatre for People with Disabilities), member of the «Movement of Artists with Disabilities», and the only professional theater in Greece consisting mainly of actors with disabilities, is currently presenting a production of “Persians” by Aeschylus, oldest surviving tragic play (472 BC). Vassilis Oikonomou has translated the ancient text and is directing the performance.

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