THE.AM.A …. With a vision!!  People with disabilities are breaking barriers!!

Performing Arts is a world of magic. Theatrical plays are visions of their creators to make the world a space for all to live in with equality, justice and human integrity. From ancient tragedies till today’s modern theatrical productions, the vision has not changed a better world for all.

THE.AM.A. has entered this world with great aspirations, they aim to achieve integration, equal opportunities  and a place for people with disabilities to thrive socially, educationally and professionally. It has been now 6 years that the group is working hard to produce a variety of stage performances  that have successfully toured Greece and have held seminars and master-classes for various audiences and for various forums (see videos). The public’s acceptance has been warm and it has so far fueled the energy required to proceed.

But it takes more to thrive, particularly, during these times of economic turmoil and limited resources, it makes it harder for those whose voices are least heard to go out and struggle for their rights, while entertaining and educating their audiences. People with disabilities when claiming their rights as equal citizens have to overcome many obstacles, even literally, that the rest of the society take for granted.

We need help to progress with our vision…………!! Sponsoring theater performances has been an institution since ancient times, thus recognizing the importance of theater in the social web of a community.

  • We need a place to call home! A permanent venue adequate for our purposes, where we can learn, share our experiences with others and communicate with our audiences, a place that can house our educational and performing activities! It does not need to be grand, we would be happy with premises that can provide for an office and large enough area to perform regularly, probably an auditorium, or  a depot that we can renovate, any and all suggestions are welcome !!!
  • Sponsors for our productions. We need funds to be able to stage performances, tour Greece and abroad to disseminate our message that disability is not a handicap but just another challenge on the road to success.

 Current productions that are in dire need of sponsors are:

→  Persians   making its debut in the Festival of Athens and Epidaurus in July 2016 and planning to tour major Greek Festivals and cities in the coming months.


→ Blindfold – The Night of the Hunt a production to be launched for the coming Fall/Winter season to be staged in a central theater in Athens ,  tour Greece and participate in international Festivals and events to further disseminate our message on social and work inclusion.

  • We need sponsors to share our vision and who would support us to achieve our goals. Those would include any individual or Corporation who would provide resources needed such as, venues to perform, travel expenses, hotel accommodation when on tours, materials required for staging plans and those who could support us through media exposure, printing needs and campaigns to broaden our audiences.
  • We need hosts! Schools, municipalities and other entities that may be interested to hold seminars on performing arts, or host performances. Particularly, schools and local communities are the perfect ground to raise awareness on disability.


We operate as a registered “non-profit organisation”, (registered with the Ministry of Culture) our charter and financial records are open to inspection, transparency and strict financial control are basic rules we abide.

National Bank: ΙBAN GR 8401101330000013348006803 ΘΕΑΤΡΟ ΑΤΟΜΩΝ ΜΕ ΑΝΑΠΗΡΙΑ

*Choregia= sponsorship. Chorus + ago which means I lead, I try to make the chorus happen; chorus was the main section of the Ancient Greek Theater. Choregia contributed to the successful taking place of the dramas and theatrical performances.