“LAMIA” - THE.AM.A produced a stage interpretation of the myth of Lamia based on the literary adaptation of the work of Lina Abdelhamid.


 “Heroes and Myths” –based on monologues extracted from the plays of Tennessee Williams. The play premiered on 25/07/2011 at the central courtyard of “Technopolis”, the old Gas Factory renovated into a place for cultural happenings in Central Athens.


In Spring 2012 the group participated in the international workshop 'Act for Acting' that took place in Avigliana, Italy and presented an improvisational performance of "Electra" by Sophocles, in two parts:

Α. Video-Art: "Electra's mourning".

B. An improvised version of the “recognition scene” between Electra and Orestes.

For the period 2012-2013 they produced and staged several performances of the play “Tomorrow” by Efi Toumpa.


Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Athletics THE.AM.A presented “C.P. Cavafy : Occupation Poet” on the occasion of “C.P. Cavafy Year – 2013”.

The founder of THE.AM.A Vassilis Oikonomou, in September 2013 (23-29/09/2015) he represented the group and performed a master-class in ancient drama under the title «Space and Time in Ancient Greek Tragedy » in the International Performing Arts Festival of Moscow, «Proteatr».


He was also an honorary spokesman in the 2nd Scientific Conference «Sociality-Creating Function of Art and Problems of Socio-cultural Rehabilitation» that took place in Moscow on October 1-2, 2013 and presented his paper on the reconstruction of the teaching methods for actors with special needs, under the title  «Opsis (Ancient Greek: ὄψις).The interpretation of the term from antiquity to contemporary theatrical reality»:



THE.AM.A staged the production “The Zoo Story” by Edward Albee, initially presented from 21st March till 13th April, on the stage of the Center for Social Dialogue in Athens and toured all major cities in Greece with a grand finale on 29/03/2015 in the theater “EMPROS” within the festivities that took place for the 3rd Antifascist Festival of Performing Arts representing the faction “The Movement of Special Needs Artists”.

A documentary, with the title "Spectacle" (THE.AM.A),  was produced by Eleana Perifanou and Maria Sidiropoulou describing the group’s preparation for the staging of “The Zoo Story”, during all its phases. The documentary was presented on the Greek Public Television ΝΕΡΙΤ Plus  on the 27th of March 2015 honoring the World Day for Theater and was also shown by many TV channels abroad.


THE.AM.A premiered with “Jacob, or the Submission” by Eugène Ionesco, with several performances in Athens and it toured across the country.

THE.AM.A also produced and presented an experimental monologue/performance adapted from "Philoctetes" by Sophocles which premiered on December 3rd, 2015 World Day for Disability in the Municipal Theater of the island of Syros.


On 29/5/2016 at the “Melina Merkouri” theater of the University of Patra a performance was staged, «Deserts: Cassandra-Philoctetes» based on hypertexts by Sophia Stavrakaki and Apollonia Tsanta adaptations of Philoctetes by Sophocles and Alexandra by Lycophron.  The performance concluded the First Symposium for the Reception in Classical Antiquity “Continuities and Discontinuities in the Reception of Classical Texts” of the graduate and post-graduate students of the University of Patra.

On July 13th and 14th, “Persians” by Aeschylus will be performed at the National Theater of Greece. THE.AM.A’s production of the ancient tragedy has been selected to participate in the Festival of Athens and Epidaurus, one of the most prestigious Festivals for Performing Arts worldwide.