Nekrassov by Jean Paul Sartre

THE.AM.A. - Theater for People with Disabilities presents NEKRASSOV by Jean Paul Sartre for the first time in Greece for 21 performances at the "Ex Machina" (Από Μηχανής) theater in Kerameikos, downtown Athens, every Wednesday and Thursday at 18:00 from January 24 till April 5, 2018.

Book now !! Tickets are on sale now here: or at the theater - call 2105232097

The content is accessible to English speaking audiences as English hyper titles available.
Content is also accessible to persons with sensory disabilities as hyper titles in Greek also available, Greek Sign Language interpretation and acoustic description.
The theater is wheelchair accessible.

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Blindfold The Night of the Hunt - Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation

“BLINDFOLD – The Night of the Hunt”, by Sofia Stavrakaki

It is not danger but fear that immobilizes us.

Blindfold a counterfeit reality, a state of siege that leads nowhere.

Expendable lives, snipers and instigators in a festive amusement park of vices.

Ordinary people, martyrs, executioners, audience and candidates are all part of the cast of a theatrical ceremony of defamation. 

At the M. Cacoyannis Foundation, four performances 14, 15, 16 and 17 June 2018 performed by THE.AM.A. – Theater for Disabled and Non Disabled People. Performances are accessible for people with sensory and mobility disabilities certified by the “Dis Art Move”.



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  «Mistakes are for the humans,

To err is human …».

Antigone, Sophocles verses 1023 – 1025 

THE.AM.A.- Theater for People with Disabilities, a professional theater group consisting of actors with and without disabilities is staging the production of Antigone by Sophocles,  translated into Modern Greek by Nikos Panayotopoulos.

It will premier in Korydallos during the Municipality’s “Cultural September 2017” festivities at the “Thanasis Veggos” theater on the 17th of September 2017. The play is directed by Vassilis Oikonomou, the founder of THE.AM.A, and Eliana Periphanou.

In search of justice Antigone goes beyond the limits set by society and even surpasses the limits of her own self. Every hero searches to find his or her relation with the authority and defines it as it pleases him or her.

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Blindfold The Night of the Hunt

 The play is from the theatre of the absurd and an endeavour to oppose the arrogance, the audacity, the devaluation of human nature and the deprivation of all hope that is eminent in a fast-approaching reality, where society will be clearly delineated into two categories of the human species, the majority of those that willingly accept their obligations as a prerequisite for a harmonious life and a minority of anti-conformists who can only survive in a complete state of powerlessness, only with the consent of the majority, incarcerated and under strict control. 

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….the battle to conquer all that is “different”

and to combat prejudice within ourselves…

 THE.AM.A (Theatre for People with Disabilities), member of the «Movement of Artists with Disabilities», and the only professional theater in Greece consisting mainly of actors with disabilities, is currently presenting a production of “Persians” by Aeschylus, oldest surviving tragic play (472 BC). Vassilis Oikonomou has translated the ancient text and is directing the performance.

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